Audi A4 Suspension Arm

Audi A4 Suspension Arm Replacement

This vehicle required its near side front suspension arm to be replaced. In order to do so a large bolt holding it to the suspension assembly hub had to be removed. The upright suspension is made of aluminium and the bolt is made of steel. These metals react causing the bolts to corrode and consequently seize solid which is what had happened in this case.
I was very aware that if I was unable to remove the bolts the complete suspension assembly hub would have to be replaced and this would cost in excess of £300. Being mindful of this extra expense for the customer I persevered and managed to loosen all the bolts. The head of the particular troublesome bolt had to be cut off and then the remains of the bolt had to be carefully and precisely driven out to avoid damaging the suspension components. This would have not been possible with the suspension on the car which is why the whole assembly had to be removed. I subsequently replaced the suspension arm successfully. No other parts were required.

Photo 1 shows the arm with the particular troublesome bolt at the top. Photo 2 shows the suspension arm has been removed and Photo 3 shows the unattached suspension assembly with arm still attached.

Mick Johns Garage Services's photo.Mick Johns Garage Services's photo.
Mick Johns Garage Services's photo.