Crackdown on Drivers Using Mobile Phones

Did you know more than 500 people are estimated to be killed or seriously injured every year because car and lorry drivers were texting or surfing the internet?

In a bid to cut deaths by distracted drivers police will seize mobiles in EVERY car crash and check if motorists broke the law by using their phones in the moments before any accident. The move is likely to see mobiles being taken away by officers as evidence in prosecutions.

It’s illegal to use a hand-held mobile when driving on the road even if you’ve stopped at traffic lights or are stuck in a traffic jam or are in a car park All these situations are covered by the legal definition of ‘driving on the road’.

Or are you just too addicted to be able to turn your mobile phone off before getting in the car?

My view is that nothing could ever be important enough to risk killing or injuring yourself or loved ones, and other road users/pedestrians.


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