Ford Fiesta Clutch Pedal Repair

A young man with his first car came to see me reporting an apparent problem with the clutch which was ‘biting’ near the floor. In other words as soon as he started to lift the pedal up it would start to bite too soon resulting in the car stalling.
This is a common symptom of a clutch that needs adjusting or bleeding. Firstly as a matter of course I checked its adjustment and bled the hydraulic system and everything was ok. I was aware that previous to the customer buying the car it had been fitted with a new clutch and I was concerned the clutch had not been fitted correctly but before going down the route of removing the gear box to check the clutch I checked the pedal assembly – I inspected the connection between the clutch pedal and the clutch master cylinder and discovered the connecting rod was worn and had slid off the end of the pin on the clutch pedal and was in danger of breaking away completely (see photo 1). This would have resulted in the clutch not working at all if it had done so.
Rather than replacing the clutch pedal and the push rod which would have been a costly and lengthy repair, I removed the clutch pedal, drilled the pin so that a retaining clip could be fitted to hold the push rod in line (see photo 2).

I then refitted the clutch pedal, connected the rod and inserted the retaining clip. This resulted in the clutch working as it should.
This repair wasn’t quite as simple as it sounds as it was a very intricate job which required me to work on my back with my head down by the pedals looking up in order to gain access to the mounting bolt of the clutch pedal.

Mick Johns Garage Services's photo.