Ford Transit Luton Van Flywheel & Clutch

Clutch Judder

I was asked to give a second opinion by a new customer as to why his commercial vehicle juddered and shook while pulling away in first gear and also when in reverse gear. On test driving the van myself I correctly diagnosed the clutch wasn’t biting evenly.

After removing the gearbox I discovered an after market flywheel/clutch conversion had been previously fitted – This cheaper part caused the problems because it is not designed to smooth vibrations and help absorb shock in a vehicle of this size unlike a dual mass flywheel.

Having discussed the situation fully with the customer and advised accordingly, he instructed me to fit an OE quality dual mass flywheel (and clutch)as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer’s, instead of after market parts, as it was vital to keep his business moving.

ford transit luton van 1ford transit luton van 4