Harley-Davidson Motorbike Handle Bar Replacement

A customer wanted a different style of handlebar fitting to his motorbike to make it more comfortable to ride. He also required new fork springs, fork oil and rear shock absorbers as the old suspension was getting tired, causing handling problems.
You will see from the first photo that I had to remove the fuel tank to gain access to the block connectors, and to replace the handlebars I had to deconstruct the electrical block connectors on the wiring loom because the holes in the handlebars weren’t big enough to allow the connectors to be fed through. Once the cables were removed, I was able to feed the them through the new handlebars and reconstruct the block connectors.
The second photo of the block shows it would be impossible to feed the cable through without taking the plug off the end.
The third photo shows the components of the block connector being deconstructed.

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