Summer Driving

Did you know that driving in flip flops can be more dangerous than driving in high heels?

The insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels carried out a study last year and asked 1,055 British motorists about their shoes’ impact on driving. A third of drivers admitted to wearing flip flops to drive in. 27% said that flip flops had caused a driving mishap with 7% blaming them for a near miss or an actual accident. Shockingly, 20% admitted to continuing to drive in them!

The biggest concern with flip flops is that they make it difficult to brake quickly and effectively; wearing flip flops doubles the amount of time it takes to move between the accelerator and brake pedals (when compared with wedge heels). Apparently flip flops also make overall deceleration up to .13 seconds slower – the equivalent of driving another 11 feet while going 60 miles per hour.

When the stats add up flip flops could be responsible for 1.4 million car accidents a year!


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