Ferrari F355 Wiring Loom Repair to Correct Engine Misfire

Ferrari F355 Wiring Loom Repair  to Correct Engine Misfire

Wiring loom repair for a Ferrari F355 requested from a Ferrari specialist in Loughborough. He informed me that the engine didn’t run smoothly after it had warmed up. He had tested all the sensors and components on the car, and no faults had been found. The overall length of the wiring loom was approximately 2 metres long, so I knew this might be a complex job.  On receiving the wiring loom I carried out a thorough investigation. I stripped the wiring loom by removing the casing on the wires, and located a corroded earth connector (see photo), responsible for causing a breakdown in the crankshaft sensor signal, and resulting in an engine misfire. The corrosion has taken place inside, causing the wires not to connect properly. I replaced the connector with a soldered connector which solders the wires together rather than just being clamping them together to minimise the risk of future corrosion.

Photo of part of wiring loom showing the corroded earth connector.

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